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360Mediaplayer is designed to work on mobile devices, multiple web browsers and on VR headsets. As the 360 degree environments are best experienced with VR headsets our goal is to support as many headsets as possible. If a device you want to use with 360mediaplyaer is not listed or working properly please contact us at so we can better the experience!


360Mediaplayer for Pico Neo 2&3 + Pico G2 4K

360Mediaplayer is coming soon to the official Pico store. Meanwhile it can be downloaded from the link below and sideloaded into the headset using the instructions below. Currently we support Pico Neo 2 & 3 and Pico G2 headsets.

Version number: 1.1.0

Download Pico version

360Mediaplayer for Oculus Quest 1&2 + Oculus Go

360Mediaplayer is now available for Oculus headsets. For Standalone headsets use the downloads below. For PC based Oculus products use the Steam VR version. Oculus Quest 2 version coming soon.

Download Quest 1 & Go

Version number: 1.1.0


360Mediaplayer for SteamVR

For PC based VR headsets we provide 360Mediaplayer to be used with SteamVR. SteamVR should work with most commonly commercially available headsets and also with Windows MR headsets. If your headset is not supported or you encounter problems contact us at and we will get you up and running as soon as possible.

Download SteamVR

Version number: 1.0.5

360Mediaplayer for Android devices

360Mediaplayer is available for multiple Android devices from the Google Play store. The 360Mediaplayer content can also be accessed with the Chrome browser but we recommend using the official app to get the best user experience. Download the app from the link below.


360Mediaplayer for iOS devices

360Mediaplayer app is also available for iOS devices on Apple App Store. You can view experiences on your iOS devices browser also with limited features. The 360Mediaplayer app unlocks all the features with improved performance.

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